Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Empowering Youth To Make A Positive Impact On The Planet
One park. One neighborhood. One community at a time.

EGBAR is an acronym for Everything's Gonna Be All Right. It's this message of positive thinking that serves as the core of the Foundation. We believe that when faced with a seemingly unsurmountable problem we can work together to make small, achievable changes, that ultimately result in significant impact.

That's why we're driven to think globally and act locally. The Foundation is focused on educating children throughout the world about the importance of protecting the environment and providing them the tools to make an impact on a personal level.

Our founder Bruce FaBrizio sums it up best, "I happen to believe that if you give kids a chance to participate in something where they can see firsthand how their behaviors make an impact on the environment, that they will want to talk about their experiences. Their experiences and the pride that comes with making a difference will work their way into conversations that they have at home over dinner. It's those conversations that change the consciousness of families. Because when it has to do with your family, that's when small changes become important and permanent."

We're Committed To

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Even A Tiny Donation Can Make A Huge Difference

You may wonder what your small donation can do.

It can give one more child the small fee they need to attend an educational field trip that ultimately ends up inspiring a career in environmental science.

It can provide one pair of gloves so a community member can pick up trash that would otherwise end up in the ocean.

It can give one teacher the small piece of equipment they need to make a lesson plan a reality, inspiring other teachers to do the same in their classroom.

Real Feedback

  • At a time when funding is at a minimum for the "extras" our students need, you have helped fill an enormous gap.

    Patricia Anderson Teacher, Memorial Academy San Diego, CA
  • EGBAR was very fun, instead of looking at page after page in some boring book. I really didn't know that glass was recyclable. SAVE THE EARTH!!!!!!!

    Essence Edwards Fifth Grader, Beecher Hills Elementary School Atlanta, GA