Amore For Dogs is a charitable venture founded by animal lover Viviana Soldano FaBrizio, wife of the EGBAR Foundation founder & Simple Green CEO Bruce FaBrizio. The name Amore For Dogs is inspired by the FaBrizio’s Bichon Frise named Amore.

Amore For Dogs is a dedicated community of concerned individuals who donate their time, effort and money to support animals on a global scale. The organization focuses on locating missing animals, driving animal adoptions and raising medical care funding for individual cases, in addition to providing ongoing support for shelter and rehabilitation centers. They are focused on providing education, support and fundraising for a wide variety of deserving organizations.

"I am thrilled to be a part of this partnership with the EGBAR Foundation to raise funds and awareness to support our four legged friends,” Mrs. Fabrizo explains. “My love for dogs inspired me to found Amore For Dogs and to dedicate my time and use my professional experience to help animals find loving homes and get the care they need. Thanks to my Husband Bruce FaBrizio, I know the EGBAR Foundation and Amore For Dogs will be successful in saving so many dogs in need.”

The organization can often be seen working side by side with Simple Green and the EGBAR foundation. Together they help to raise awareness about the impact that toxic chemicals used in the pet industry have on our environment, promote safer, non-toxic options and raise money and awareness for pets in need.