The EGBAR Environmental Intelligence® curriculum is an environmental education program designed for grades 4-9. The curriculum guide covers a variety of environmental issues such as: sources of pollution, hazardous wastes, recycling, energy, renewable and non-renewable resources, global warming, and environmental laws.

Each lesson is designed with a student objective, grade level recommendation, list of materials, discussion of teaching strategies for the lesson, and an opportunity to extend the lesson through additional activities. For each lesson there is an accompanying student activity sheet. The activity sheet is ready for you to copy and can be used as an independent assignment or cooperative learning activity.

The unit also contains an environmental and recycling scavenger hunt and a recipe for recycling newsprint. A section titled, "Our Environment—A Family Affair," contains eight cut-out activity coupons for students to take home and complete with their families. In addition, there is an extensive glossary of environmental terms to assist students with their study of environmental issues.

The program is designed to be used in conjunction with current articles pulled from newspapers, magazines, online and on television, ensuring that it stays relevant and can be used over multiple years.