EGBAR is the official mascot for both the EGBAR Foundation and Simple Green (manufactured by Sunshine Makers, Inc.). He takes his name from the acronym for Everything's Gonna Be All Right and serves as the embodiment of positive thinking and positive action, motivating people to make responsible decisions for themselves and the environment.

EGBAR was first created in 1989. Though he is often mistaken for a dragon, he is in fact his own unique mix of alligator and bear, the brainchild of Sunshine Makers, Inc. CEO & EGBAR Foundation Founder Bruce FaBrizio and character designer Ted Knight.

While his look has evolved over time, his passion for inspiring children and adults alike to make the world a better place has remained steadfast. EGBAR has traveled the world making appearances at everything from global corporate conferences to local neighborhood clean-up efforts. Whomever his audience is, his message remains the same, small changes can make a big impact.

He has appeared at award ceremonies to donate thousands of dollars to deserving organizations, empowering them to continue on with their valiant efforts. He has appeared at government and corporate events, celebrating regulatory changes that support conservation efforts. He has appeared in advertisements, educational materials, coloring books and comic strips encouraging people to care for the environment in which they live. More often than not however he appears in children’s arms, as a plush toy version of himself, his smiling face reminding them that, even though they may be small, they have the power to help save the environment.