Empowering Youth To Make A Positive Impact On The Planet
One park. One neighborhood. One community at a time.

The EGBAR Foundation is focused on providing people the education and resources needed to improve the environment. The Foundation fulfills this mission by supporting clean-up projects throughout the globe. The Foundation also creates and sponsors youth-focused environmental education programs that help children develop the concern, commitment, and confidence needed to make a personal difference in their homes and communities. All projects are approached with a “think global, act local” mentality that focuses on providing measurable changes that inspire others to action.

The EGBAR Foundation Is Committed To

  • Educating children throughout the world about the importance of recycling and protecting the environment.
  • Creating greater awareness of community environmental clean-up needs and what can be done to meet them.
  • Challenging all segments of these communities, both young and old, to be responsive to these needs.
  • Raising and providing funds that support action of projects addressing these needs.
  • Focusing efforts on "Making A Difference" throughout the world.