Think Globally, Act Locally

The EGBAR Foundation was established in 1989 by Bruce P. FaBrizio, CEO and Chairman of Sunshine Makers, Inc., to clearly demonstrate the corporation's steadfast commitment towards environmental and educational concerns. Sunshine Makers, Inc. is best known for its Simple Green® brand, a line of high quality, environmentally safer cleaning products, that were brought to market far before environmental responsibility was a recognizable corporate concern.

The EGBAR Foundation is focused on making a positive impact on the planet through the support of community level education and volunteer programs. The Foundation oversees its own projects and initiatives, in addition to supporting deserving charities, businesses and communities who are focused on improving environmental education and taking measurable actions toward improving the planet and its inhabitants.

Funds are spent where they will make the most impact, on the local level. Projects like providing children engaging lessons in science and technology or hands-on opportunities to participate in community clean-up efforts are prioritized. It is often these projects that need very little funds to make a very large impact.

EGBAR is an acronym for Everything's Gonna Be All Right. This positive sentiment, along with a "think globally, act locally" approach to impacting change, are at the core of the Foundation's activities. We believe that if people work together to continually make small, achievable changes that have a positive impact on the environment, then ultimately everything's gonna be alright. Our mission it to provide the tools to make those changes.

It's my belief and, I think, the belief of a great many other people, that the world is a finite piece of groundā€¦that the environment is finite and not infiniteā€¦and that if we don't do something aggressive, right now, it won't be there for our grandchildren. And yet, there is plenty of time to make it a better place for our grandchildren. If we just start doing things that are within our abilities today.

Bruce FaBrizio