Since 2015, The EGBAR Foundation has helped fund the Bolsa Chica Conservancy's traveling science program Windows to Our Wetlands ("WOW"), a science-based youth outreach project which focuses on helping kids explore and experience the wetlands ecosystem.

The program helps to eliminate the financial burdens and time restrictions that prevent students from being able to participate in activities run at the site by taking the STEM-based educational experience to the school directly. It opens up the program to numerous schools, clubs and organizations that otherwise would never have been able to experience it.

Proceeds from the annual EGBAR Golf Tournament helped fund the launch of the program on Earth Day 2016. Together with resources donated from Simple Green and support from AES, got plovers, the Metropolitan Water District, and individual supporters, the Bolsa Chica Conservancy built an educational center on wheels, complete with a touch tank and two aquaria that showcase marine life in local wetlands. The mobile WOW center is also equipped with interactive stations that explore the wonders of saltwater marshes like Bolsa Chica.

The interactive learning stations and hands-on, science-based activities are designed to make science fun and memorable for all grade levels. It provides students the opportunity to see native animals up-close and personal, while they learn about diverse ecosystems, including marine life, terrestrial animals and endemic plants, and explore their human impact on this natural world. This valuable educational resource also offers students and the general public a STEM-based education program that teaches students about wetland science, coastal ecology and environmental sustainability.

The EGBAR Foundation is proud to continue to support the growing efforts of the Bolsa Chica Conservancy and their Windows to Our Wetlands program.